Pitch Tank Happens Four Times Each Year, so Applicants Must Qualify for Each Event, then Are Chosen on a First Come, First Served Basis.
Apply Today! Next Event is June 10, 2019!
Only $97 for a Chance to Be on Our Stage!
Get a Chance to Pitch Your Business Just like Shark Tank!
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Am I Guaranteed to go to Pitch Tank?
A: No. This is an application process for us to review and see if you're a good fit. Just like applying for college, there's no guarantee you'll get on stage. We only guarantee we will look at your deal if you submit this application. We host several Pitch Tank Events each year, so your odds of getting on stage are pretty good if you pass the review process!
Q: What's the next step?
A: We will review your application internally and determine if you are a good candidate to pitch at one of our events. Either way, one of our team members will reach out to you with next steps. If you are selected to go onto Pitch Tank, you will be given an opportunity to Pitch at one of our upcoming events for an additional fee.
Q: How long does the process take?
A: We receive dozens of applications weekly from entrepreneurs like you trying to get on stage. Our goal is to review each application within five business days and reach back out to you then. We will either call or email depending on what we find during our review. 
Q: Am I guaranteed to get an investment?
A: No! Anyone who guarantees you will get capital is either lying or about to go to jail (or both). We cannot guarantee investments, only that we will give you every opportunity to get in front of qualified investors if you make it through the review process.
Q: What do I get as part of this application fee?
A: We are going to ask you to submit a short application and, if available, a short (3 minutes or less) video of you pitching your idea. We will complete a short evaluation of the pitch, idea, and offer, and then notify you of our analysis by email or phone. If we think you are a good fit for the Pitch Tank, you will find out within about one week. 
Q: How often do you host Pitch Tank?
A: We have been holding Pitch Tank every year for the past three years at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. We will be hosting four events per year in regions across the country in preparation for a larger event in front of thousands of investors. 
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